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Everyone has a smartphone these days especially the younger demographic. So if you are looking to expand your demographic reach and open up an entirely new stream of clients then join the Directory for Therapists and you will be automatically included in our iOS and Android Geo-location Mobile Apps.

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When you join you allow potential clients to explore the most qualified professionals in their area. Clients will be able to discover the Mental Health Care provider they need and you will increase the exposure of your practice.

Directory for Therapists Presents: Online Therapy Sessions

In conjunction with our mobile apps, Directory for Therapists is now offering Online Therapy Sessions via Video and Chat. Now you can provide therapy to anyone, easily. Remove the barriers and increase your intake. It’s easy to use and HIPAA compliant. It’s also very affordable.

Online therapy is the future, embrace it!

Online therapy is the delivery of mental health counseling via the Internet. People also know it as e-therapy, distance therapy, Internet therapy and web therapy.

Manage and care for your clients through our state-of-the-art platform.

Online therapy is the future, embrace it. Get comfortable with this new method of practice. There is potentially lower overhead, no commute, and reduced cancellations.

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